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Spy Bluetooth Earpiece in Delhi India: Exam Cheating Devices Set

It can be connected to any Bluetooth mobile phone or other device! This is a very high gain microphone and someone who is on the other side of the gsm line can hear your voice or your whisper and all of the sounds surrounding you.

Invisible Spy Earpiece - unboxing - full review

With two mini ear receivers you can hear your partner from the other side of the gsm line, and by using a special hands free kit you can talk to them as well. Nobody will ever notice that you have an ear piece even by looking directly at your ear from a close distance.

Nobody can ever hear any sound produced by the ear piece from the outside. You can also secretly listen to your Mp3 player Music, recordings, radio This device is very safe for use. Watch Video. Setup the bluetooth connection with your Cell Phone or any other bluetooth device. Put the invisible wireless earpiece in your ear.

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Hide high sensitive microphone under your clothes, where it can pick up even the faintest of whispers. Now you can call your friend and get help, without anybody knowing. Take the wireless Earpiece and orient it as shown in the picture , insertion and removal is very simple and quick, insert it in a blink of an eye and removal is just as fast with the included Removal Tool. Insert the Earpiece gently into the ear, because the Earpiece is black it is completely invisible once in your ear as it does not reflect any light from its surroundings.

It needs to be inserted a few millimeters deep, so it hides into the ear canal. This is how your ear looks once the Earpiece is fully inserted , as you can see it is completely invisible in the ear, without any cables, batteries and it is completely safe to use, as it is especially made out of a single piece of durable magnetic material. This is the smallest Microphone ever, it is only 3mm in size. The amplification of the microphone is very high, which allows a very quiet whisper but your partner will hear you very loudly.

Spy Bluetooth Earpiece in Delhi

The Microphone can be hidden under your clothes, your collar or sleeve. It can pick-up voices coming from other people around the room, but when you talk or whisper it will adapt!

Your partner listening-in will be able to hear everything you say, or anything any other person in the room may say or ask you, loudly and clearly. Shopping Cart 0 item s - 0. FREE Shipping. Super Fast Shipping 24h! Order Today! Recieve Tomorrow. Don't Allow Allow. Showing results with Videos. Clear Filter. Location Near Me. Which is very easy to use.

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You can listen the voice very. Its totaly hidden communication device for string oppression. Spy gsm. Bengaluru, Karnataka Verified Supplier Call Bluetooth Pen with Spy Earpiece Set is designed for wireless connection to Smartphone and secret spy invisible earpiece. It transfers clear mono voice to invisible spy earpiece wirelessly. Spy Bluetooth Earpiece Ask Price Buy spy Bluetooth earpiece in delhi india buy online cheap price hidden spy Bluetooth earpiece at spy gadgets store. Save time! Get Best Deal.

I agree to the terms and privacy policy. Receiver mm x 54mm x 19mm L x W x D. Primary Function: Wireless Voice Transmitter. When paired with an inductive neckloop and a suitable audio sourcesuch as an mp3 player or mobile phone the earpiece will output sound direct to the eardrum. The anatomic design of this earpiece ensures it will fit. Exam Earpiece New Delhi No. Spy bluetooth earpiece full review. Invisible bluetooth earpiece. Have a Question? Ask our expert. Speak your question.

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Exclusive design by Hidden Eye and. It has just replaced the use of cell phone separately for covert communication. In the newest gadget spy gsm banyan with nano earpiece, you just need to insert.

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